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Spider-Man all helpless in SEGUFIX

Well, well, well! That is something else ticked off my bondage list! Got to try out SEGUFIX for the very first time!! All I can say is OMG!! Think, I need to get some SEGUFIX for myself!

P.S. A 8 minute of me all helpless in SEGUFIX can be found at OnlyFans.com/wetsuitlads

Spider-Man helpless in SEGUFIX

Totally helpless in the Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit

Big thanks to Firebravo for putting me in bondage, while wearing the very sexy Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit.

Spider-Man all helpless

Spider-Man all helpless

More photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/10-01-2022/

Happy National Spider-Man Day 2021

Happy National Spider-Man Day 2021. Well, I think it’s more of a America thing… but if, it gives me a reason to post Spider-Man photos, that can only be a good thing? RIGHT!

Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit

Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit

Double Spider-Man fun!

Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit

It’s #NationalHandcuffDay Eve

Just to remind everyone, that tomorrow is National Handcuff Day! So look out your handcuffs and have some fun!!

Why not post photos on Twitter and use #NationalHandcuffDay! 🙂

Clejuso handcuffs No. 15

Two Bare Feet T3 Shorty Triathlon wetsuit

Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit

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Gordon : adidas full body suit

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Jay : Rubber Skinhead Gear

Number 4 (63 views) : Gordon extra happy in the Adidas full body suit
Gordon extra happy in the Adidas full body suit

Number 5 (54 views) : Alex : Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit
Alex : Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit