Feb 212020

Thanks wind! I now need a new camera! I was in the middle of doing new photos, when the wind blow my tripod over, with my camera on it! Let’s just say, it’s had better days!

Feb 142020

Hope you all, had a great St. Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, if you are single! My last name is Valentine and I am still single! LOL!!

Even more photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/spider-man/06-02-2020/

Feb 082019

You really do need to follow The Spider Couple on Instagram! His girlfriend, is very, very lucky girl! Hope she, makes him wear that in the bedroom! I know, I would do!

Dec 122018

If you love seeing a cute lad, doing cosplay. Then check out www.instagram.com/spidey_thwip/. I would need to be locked in chastity to wear that, I would be so hard!

Apr 232017

Tom Holland and his friend Harrison Osterfield‏ both wearing wetsuits! Of course, it would have been better, if they had them fully on! Well for me anyway!

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