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Story : The Wetsuit Model – Part 2

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one

Aidan sits in the back of the cruiser, his hands uncomfortably handcuffed behind his back and fully clad and locked in his PHI wetsuit. He can feel his sweat and the lube that got him into the suit coating his whole body and running down into his boots. He’s worried about the situation he is in, but also can’t help but feel turned on by the suit. He feels every bump in the road as the cruiser drives through the city and can hear the police chatter and codes over the radio. Finally, he hears the bobby radio in “10-95, I have a PHI awol-no information on the collar, looks like the subject wiped it. Return to the precinct to process?” After a brief pause, he hears an officer on the other end “10-74, negative on that. Return him to PHI processing, let them handle the paperwork” and he ends the communication with a simple “10-4.”

Part 2 is now on-line!

Public Humiliation Initiative! Public Warning Display Cases!

Public Humiliation Initiative, Warning Display Cases have been popping around London and other Towns and Cities around the UK! Remember you, if drop litter! This will happen to you!

Big thanks to one website fans, that did this AI Art Work!

The idea for these suits come from www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/stories/wetsuit-sentence/

Public Humiliation Initiative… You get MADE to wear wetsuits!!

PHI stand for Public Humiliation Initiative… They got done for littering in Glasgow. So had to wear these suits for three days. While cleaning up the streets!

If they did not do what they was told! They would also get locked in electronic locking collars. Plus have there sentences increased! To at least 14 days!

The idea for these suits come from www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/stories/wetsuit-sentence/