Feb 012019

That’s me just posted part 1 and part 2 of the amazing “Revelation” story to the Wetsuitlads story section.

He’s already told me, he’s working on the next 2 parts!

Jan 152019

Check out the amazing first part of “Revelation” which has just been posted to our Wetsuitlads forum!

Want a second part? Then comment here, or on the forum post!

Jan 102019

Check out the amazing first part of “Trapped in scuba gear” which has just been posted to our Wetsuitlads forum!

Dec 052018

Here is a mini list of the main features on this website…

  • Models  – Of course, where you can find 1000s of photos!
  • Double shots – What could be better, two lads (sometimes more) in gear at once?
  • Exclusive area – Where you get to see models, lot’s of extra photos and vidoes, not found on the main website.
  • Stories – Everyone loves a good story?!?!?
  • Wetsuitlads forum – The safe place to chat, with others about gear!

P.S. To access our Exclusive area, you need to make a donation of least £9! The money goes, towards hosting, our domain name and of course buying extra hot gear!

Mar 032018

What access to our Wetsuits exclusive area? But don’t want to pay or have the money… Then have you have to do is write story. If we add it to our story section, you will be given free exclusive area access!

Check out the story section to see what others have written for us!

Mar 132017

After many, many years of waiting… the second part of “The Council” story is now HERE!

Can’t wait to read all your comments about it!! 😛

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