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Most popular photos : November 2014

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads during November 2014.

Number 1 (144 views) : Nick : blueseventy axium
Nick : blueseventy axium

Number 2 (123 views) : Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits
Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 3 (120 views) : Gordon : Chastity Belt outdoors
Gordon : Chastity Belt outdoors

Chastity belt share holders?

Here’s a new idea for you to think about…

Would you, be willing to be my chastity belt key share holder? Meaning that a group of you would get together and buy me a chastity belt. As a group you hold the key. With the only way for me getting out. Is buying everyone’s shares back.