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The end of Tumblr…

It will very soon be the end of Tumblr (has we know it!). Since on December 17, 2018, their Community Guidelines will change and adult content will no longer be allowed. But don’t worry, this website will still be going!

In the long run, it will do this website and others like it good! I’ve been finding it hard, to keep people here, since they are off looking at websites like Tumblr. from here and post it!!

So please tell all your gear mates about this website! Of course, if you know of any other great (mainly free) websites, then let me know about them!!

Extra fit lad in Spider-Man suit!!

OMG! This lad is HOT and he knows it!! Oh and if anyone knows where to get a Spider-Man suit like that, please, please let me KNOW!!

Source : vincentlycra.tumblr.com/post/46767673060/confident-and-sexy