Feb 152013

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads so far during February 2013.

Number 1 (186 views) : Chastity Belt outdoors
Chastity Belt outdoors
Number 2 (130 views) : After the Chastity Belt was removed

After the Chastity Belt was removed

Number 3 (120 views) : blueseventy axium (25th January 2013)
blueseventy axium (25th January 2013)

Jan 252013

If the weather man is right, this will be the last wetsuit turbo trainer vlog for a while. Since it looks like the snow is on the way out and warmer and wetter weather is on the way!! 🙂

Jan 242013

Since I have not done a wetsuit related vlog in a good number of months. It was about time, I changed that. So I really hope you like the following two videos. In which I am wearing my sexy blueseventy axium wetsuit, while on my turbo trainer.

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