Mar 282019

Make sure you check out Rubberax. He’s got real balls, walking around outside like that!

Dec 182018

That’s just removed our Tumblr account… But don’t worry, you can still see us, here, on this very website!

And of course, still on the following…

I am also on FetLife and Recon.

Dec 062018

Make sure, you follow switchLDN over on twitter. He’s done photos for us twice, last time was way back in 2005!

Check out his photo at

Dec 032018

Make sure you check out BoomerSM over at He draws some of the best kinky art work, you will ever see!

Oh and yes photos of lad in this art work, can be found over in our Wetsuitlads exclusive area.

Aug 042016

Thanks so much Marc Marquez, you just made my morning a 1,000 times better!!!

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