Aug 312015

Jul 122015

Here are some of the new photos, I took of Nick last week! The full set of all these photos can be found in Wetsuitlads exclusive area.

May 272011

One lucky people will get given free VIP access. All I want to know, if you could lock one person in a chastity belt who would it be and why? To win you need to post your answers on our facebook or twitter pages.

May 182011

We now have 600 fans on facebook. So big thanks to everyone that’s liked us on facebook so far. Our next goal is 700. We can be found on facebook at


We only have 248 follows on twitter, so please help to change that… follow us today at

May 012011

I really hope that you got to enjoy the webcam while it was live today. So sorry if you missed it. Check out the post below, to see more photos from the webcam session. I will be posting more later on today…

If you want to know when the webcam is live, it’s best to follow us at

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