Aug 112014

Do you think anyone would notice the chastity belt under the Lycra?? Pleased to say I did 32.8 miles of cycling today and I was locked in the cage the whole time!

 Chastity belt under Lycra

Mar 262014

Here are two photos of myself wearing my sexy USPS cycling gear. Just had a look, had the jersey since 26th March 2005 and the bib shorts since the 7 April 2005. The top is still looking very good, the shorts are starting to show there age. Need to wear underwear or tights under them. If I don’t show off a lot more, than I really want to!!

USPS team cycling gearUSPS team cycling gear

Here is one photo, that shows why I need to wear gear under them!

USPS team cycling gear

Mar 232014

Want to see photos of myself locked up in this chastity belt!!?? Then give £20 via our donation page and make it happen!!

Male Chastity Belt Device

Just look at the photo below and think of that locked up!! 🙂


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