Jun 052018

I’ve just updated the photo gallery system to a newer version! Not the version, I was hoping to upgrade to. Since everything I went up to that version, it would not work at all! But it’s all working again now!

Even better, at long, long last you can now comment on the photos again! That feature has been broken for a good number of months! So looking forward to reading some of your comments!! HINT, HINT!

Apr 102018

So many new posts over on our Wetsuitlads forum!! So check them out, better still sign up and join in!!

Mar 302018

So far this year, we’ve added 179 NEW photos to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area!! When in the whole of last year, we only added 126! Also still got a hell, of a lot of new photos to add!

Still to join our exclusive area? Then join NOW!!! Join now at www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/exclusive-area/

Mar 192018

We’re running a poll over on our Wetsuitlads forum about what gear turns you on the most! Please make sure you vote! It gives us, an idea what photos and videos you would like to see more of…

Mar 192018

So much happening on our forum right now! News of not one, but two new models joining us soon! A new poll and even some new photos of Rob!!

Mar 172018

Since I am trying to get more people using our Wetsuitlads forum again! For the next number of weeks, all new updates will only be posted to our forum!

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