Jan 102019

Yes, I know, that I’ve not been doing much with this website so far in 2019! But I am hoping to get this website back up to full speed soon!

But till then, please do check out my main website over at www.gordon-valentine.com. Which, I’ve been posting to every day so far this year! Yes from time to time, I do post gear photos over on it! So please do check it out!

P.S. I still do have a new model coming to do photos at the end of the month! 🙂

Jan 072019

Sorry I’ve not been doing much with this website so far in 2019! Just before Christmas, I came down with a very bad cold/flu bug! I can’t fight it off!

So once, I am back to normal. I will start doing lot’s of new photos! I also, have the first new model lined up for later this month… So you have that to look forward to! 🙂

Mar 112018

Just been going through some of the Wetsuitlads archives! Who remembers these logos?

Think you could come up with some new one(s) for us? Then please contact us!

Mar 112018

That’s me just fixed the forum, so that YouTube videos are displaying again! The code got broken, when the website got encrypted using SSL/TLS Certificates.

Mar 062018

I’ve had a number of people saying that can no longer login to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area. From what I can work out, it’s only Apple devices that have been affected.

I believe, it’s going straight to this page (see below) and not even letting you try to login.

I’ve got no way to test it out myself, since I don’t own a single Apple device.

When it should be showing the following page…

To fix it, try going to… “Settings” –> “Safari” –> “Advanced” –> “WebSite Data” –> “Remove All Website Data”

Please comment below and do let me know, if this helps or not…

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