Mar 062018

I’ve had a number of people saying that can no longer login to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area. From what I can work out, it’s only Apple devices that have been affected.

I believe, it’s going straight to this page (see below) and not even letting you try to login.

I’ve got no way to test it out myself, since I don’t own a single Apple device.

When it should be showing the following page…

To fix it, try going to… “Settings” –> “Safari” –> “Advanced” –> “WebSite Data” –> “Remove All Website Data”

Please comment below and do let me know, if this helps or not…

Mar 062018

What would you like to see more of, on this website?

Any other ideas? Then just comment on this post…

What gear would you like to see more of?

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Mar 052018

OK this is another boring update…I’ve just updated the photo galley, so you can now view a slideshow, which leaves you “free” to do other things with looking at the photos!!

Unless you are part of team locked, of course!!! 🙂

Mar 032018

I’ve been very busy working on this website most of the evening!

The biggest update is that photo gallery has moved to SSL! In other words, you get a nice green padlock next to the address bar.

Was hoping to move the rest of the website over to SSL at the same time, but kept killing the website… So will have work on that another day…

Also updated the “Share this:” buttons. Old style at the top, new style at the bottom.

Oh…. and ordered some new bondage stuff… will post about that, another time!!!

Feb 072016

Got a wetsuit you’re currently lusting after? Then why not, tell the world. Check out this great post @

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