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More HOT AI Art Work by NeelsB

You think, I am getting good at AI Art Work?!?! You really need to check out the stuff that NeelsB has been doing!!!

Login to the Wetsuitlads forum! First it will ask for a username and password, which is ALWAYS… wetsuitlads and forum.

Then have a look at www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9109#p9109

Wetsuitlads forum is still password protected

The Wetsuitlads forum is still a password protected area. I had to this a while back to stop all the SPAM!

The login info you need is: wetsuitlads and forum. Then you can use the forum like normal…

Wetsuitlads forum

Wetsuitlads forum now passworded

I’ve just put the Wetsuitlads forum in a password protected area. This only temporary, till I find a better way to stop all SPAM that keeps getting posted on it….

The login info you need is: wetsuitlads and forum

Our main website features…

Here is a mini list of the main features on this website…

  • Models  – Of course, where you can find 1000s of photos!
  • Double shots – What could be better, two lads (sometimes more) in gear at once?
  • Exclusive area – Where you get to see models, lot’s of extra photos and vidoes, not found on the main website.
  • Stories – Everyone loves a good story?!?!?
  • Wetsuitlads forum – The safe place to chat, with others about gear!

P.S. To access our Exclusive area, you need to make a donation of least £9! The money goes, towards hosting, our domain name and of course buying extra hot gear!