Aug 132018

Have you been following the “When is it too warm for wetsuits” topic on our Wetsuitlads forum? If not, do check it out! It’s a good wee read!

May 172018

I’ve just changed the meeting up section on the Wetsuitlads forum. So you now need to login to view it.

Apr 272018

Want to see some photos of famous lads in wetsuits? Then check out our Wetsuitlads forum.

If you have photos of other hot famous lads, in chastity (in my dreams), leathers, Lycra or wetsuits, then do comment below…

Scott Redding
Greg James
Jesse Spencer

Apr 262018

One of my gear mates is going to one of these two catsuits for cycling in! Yes really go cycling in, I will make sure he does!!

The Sky one, won the vote, over on our forum. He’s hoping to order it soon!

Apr 102018

So many new posts over on our Wetsuitlads forum!! So check them out, better still sign up and join in!!

Mar 192018

We’re running a poll over on our Wetsuitlads forum about what gear turns you on the most! Please make sure you vote! It gives us, an idea what photos and videos you would like to see more of…

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