David and I

By Vincent.

The Story

“Reel in your line and lets go!” I shouted as the rain only started to get harder and harder.

I was fishing down on the beach with David, or rather, he was good at fishing and I was a terrible beginner. As we were on the beach, at that moment, there were a few differences between us. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans having arrived a few hours ago while David was standing there in a wetsuit, having been on the beach all day long, the rain not bothering him at all. He stood there, shining, the rain flowing off of the black material that was stretched across his skin. It was easy to see the outline of his musculature and the outline of his balls pressed against the crotch of his wetsuit.

After about another five minutes of persuasion I got him to reel in and pack up his tackle. I watched him move, loving the flow of his body under that second skin.

“Let’s go then” he said.

We picked up our stuff and then started the walk up to his house. I was lucky that it was only about 10 minutes away from the beach.

We entered the side door of his house and then went straight into the garage. You could hear the wind howl around the outside of the building. He picked up a towel and mopped the remaining water off of the surface of his wetsuit and kicked off his steamer boots and the turned to face me.

“Man, I think this suit is a little to tight for me” he said while turning back and forth at the waist. I was almost mesmerized by this, trying to keep my focus away from his bulge, which I swear I could have seen getting bigger. I had fallen for this guy, but I felt like I couldn’t let him know it. This guy was as straight as an arrow. Whenever we had been out and about, just the two of us or with some friends around he was always telling stories about the girls that he slept with at university or about some of the laddish things that he got up to. I don’t know exactly what it was the attracted me to him, his square shoulders or his dusty blond centre parted hair. I had no idea but he was one of my fantasies. Getting back to the story:

“Strip down to your boxers and hang your clothes on the rack,” he said pointing to the clothes rack where his flotation suit and other fishing tackle was hanging, “then come up to my room.”

I took my sweatshirt off and he continued to stand there.

“Leave then” I said. And so he turned and left the room and I caught one last glance of that round ass. I took my clothes off piece by piece hoping that the cold air in the garage would make my stirring boner go limp. No such luck. I couldn’t get the images of David out of my head and by now my dick was standing straight up. I adjusted things in my boxers and then pulled my waistband up a little higher to make sure that I was covered. There I was, in my boxers, with a raging boner and I reached for the garage door.

The rest of his family were at their villa in Europe whereas David preferred the UK. This was the only way that I was able to spend the night at his house, his parents normally having a curfew on guests. I was going to be sleeping in a different room, the only way that I think I could have stayed at his house without embarrassing myself. As I went through the kitchen I switched on the kettle and then I reached the bottom of the stairs. With each step that I took my heart began to thud harder and harder. I was so worried that David was going to see my hard-on.

A little truth be told at this point. I had never worn a wetsuit before and I didn’t know that much about them. I knew that they were made of some form of rubber and that guys looked good in them and that was about it. I had looked at them on eBay and various other places but never had the confidence to buy one considering that there would be no way I could explain spending money on a wetsuit to my parents when I didn’t take part in any water sports.

I got to the top of the stairs and I had managed to calm down a little. I walked to the end of the corridor and then knocked on the door to David’s room.

“Come in” was the reply I was greeted with and I opened the door and walked into the room. I shut the door behind me and saw David’s head over the top of the wardrobe door. He stepped back with some clothes over his arm and shut the wardrobe door. He was still in the wetsuit and I swear that my dick pulsed in my boxers and I was so self conscious that I was sure that David saw it.

He put two T-shirts down on the bed and one pair of Nike tracksuit bottoms and kept a pair of Adidas Poppers in his hand. He turned and faced away from me and pulled the zipper down the back of his suit. A wedge of flesh immediately appeared and it grew as he pulled the zip further down. The suit squeaked as he pulled it off of his shoulders and he let the suit hang around his waist while he toweled the sweat off of his torso. He then bent down and pulled the suit off his legs, teasing me with that tight butt of his. This stud had been going bare assed in his wetsuit. He then pulled on his Adidas Poppers and turned to face me, wetsuit in hand.

“I think that this suit is a little too small for me. Why don’t you try it out?” He said.

What?! He was going to let me try on his wetsuit. This was the guy that had never let me borrow any of his old clothes he used for fishing, save spoiling my stuff had I come unprepared, or one of his floatation suits were we to go boat fishing and here he is offering me a wetsuit that looked almost brand new.

As if you hadn’t guessed I was more than a little surprised at this question. “S-s-sure,” I answered in a stuttering voice. Fuck, what a way to make an ass out of myself.

“Take a seat” said David gesturing to the bed.

I sat down and he tossed it to me. I caught it and clasped it against my chest and discreetly tried to inhale as deeply as I could. The suit was covered in him. It smelt of his sweat and grime. I guessed that he must have been wearing this suit the whole day. I shook the legs out in front of me and lifted a leg to start putting on my first wetsuit.

“Woah, you can’t wear those and the suit” David said pointing at my boxers.

This was going to be it. I stood up and put my thumbs in the waistband of my boxers and while I was looking at the floor I pulled my boxers down. I was lucky. I had gone down a bit and I was only half hard and David didn’t seem to notice. I sat on the bed again and picked up the suit by the waist. David grabbed the legs and held them out before me. I took the plunge. I pushed my left leg down into the black tunnel and I was greeted with some resistance. I pushed my leg down deeper and deeper and the material gripped me and I gradually slipped down into the suit and I pushed my foot out the other end. I then pushed my other leg into the suit. Feeling all those sensations and realized that I was starting to get hard again. I held up the torso of the suit so that David couldn’t see my crotch.

“Stand up” David said just after my foot came out the bottom of the other leg. As I stood up I noticed some dry white marks inside the suit around the abs going down to the crotch. David had come in this suit. He must have been hard when he was twisting down stairs earlier. He must have been wanking off in the suit when I was getting undressed, hence why he was still in the suit when I came upstairs. My mind was now spinning. I was going to be zipped up surrounded by the sweat of one of my fantasies and now I was going to have his dry come rubbing against me.

“Hey… Hey!” David almost shouting at me. Shit. I knew I was being snapped out of a day dream. Fuck.

I wondered what he had seen. I looked up and saw that David had the shoulders of the suit in his hands and he was hinting at me leaning forward. I lent forward and put my right arm into one of the sleeves and use my other hand to help pull my arm through and then repeated it the other way around. I was almost in and the scent of the suit was filling my nostrils. Well, not only the scent of the suit but the scent of David too.

“Turn around. It’s time to zip you in now” he said. I was having so much fun that at this time I didn’t question anything. He started to raise the zip up my back and as he did so I could feel the suit drawing tighter around my abs, my chest and then as David slowly pulled the zip up to the top, finally, I felt a slight tightness around my neck. My whole body felt a little compressed. Then I suddenly heard a noise like metal snapping. What the hell was going on?

“Sorry, you aren’t going to be getting out of there for a while. The pull tab has just broken off,” he said and then showed it to me and then threw it on his desk. “Let’s at least get you comfortable in there” he said and then started rubbing his hands all over my body getting rid of all the creases and bumps. Don’t find my dick was all I could keep thinking to myself.

After a couple of minutes, but what seemed like an eternity, David said “Well, let’s go down stairs and have something to drink. Keep the suit on and you can get a real feel for it.”

To be continued… In part 2.

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