Reasons why you will love Wetsuitlads!

Number one, is we have some super HOT lads that model for us!

 2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit
Rubber Skinhead Gear

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The another reasons are…

  • We have over 4,500 photos all for FREE!
  • We’ve been on the go since 2003, so you can trust us!
  • We’re not run by a company, that is out to make money! Just ran by a single person, that loves gear!
  • Of course, we’re just not about wetsuits… Also love, chastity, bondage, pup play, Lycra and much more!

Alex loved being the Neoprene sleepsack

Think that Alex, did love being all helpless inside the neoprene sleepsack! If you are already a member of Wetsuitlads exclusive area, you will have access to full set of these photos very soon indeed!

Sorry right now, no way for new members to sign up (Outside of the UK)! If you do live in the UK, you can contact us and we’ll get back to you with way to sign up!

Neoprene sleepsack
Neoprene sleepsack

It (could) be the end of Wetsuitlads!

After a great number of months with this website…. With no warning all, had an email from a well knowing payment provider saying that my account is being closed! Plus for up to 180 days, they NOT will also give me access to money in the account!

So this could very well be the end of this website. Since like running a websites, they are costs, hosting, domain names… Also pay for models travel, plus food! The money also goes towards buying new gear for them to wear!

So with no new money coming in, the money that I can still access, will soon out! So think it’s the start, of the end of Wetsuitlads! 🙁

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