Nov 142019

WOW! What is going on with the weather right now in the UK? At least, I had a wetsuit on and hood to keep me nice and warm!

Nov 122019

Since it was wet and cold, I had to put a wetsuit on, along with my new rubber pup hood and go a walk!

Pup hood and 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit
Pup hood and 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit
Pup hood and 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit

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Nov 072019

Sorry about us being off-line for approximately 16 hours. We’re back on and fully running again! Which is a main thing!

BTW! We also have a new video up, in our Wetsuitlads exclusive area! Do check it out! Love it? Then comment here and let us know!

Nov 052019

REGULATION Rubber HogSackAll going well, just after 12am tonight, I will order the Regulation Rubber HogSack. Just waiting till, I get paid!

Who would, you like to see all helpless inside it first?

Of course, all the first photos and vidoes will get posting to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area first! Which costs, JUST £10 to join!

Nov 022019

BIG THANKS everyone, we now have 3,900 followers over on Twitter! Let’s see, if we can get that to over 4,000 before the end of November!

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Oct 312019

Would you like to see more pup play photos on this website? Please comment and let us know!

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