David and I – Part 2

By Vincent.

The Story

David brushed past me and opened the door and walked through and held it open for me. As I was half way through he let go of the door and started walking down the hallway. I shut the door behind me and followed him down to the kitchen.

He went over and re-boiled the kettle while I went and pulled out a chair and sat down. He made the tea while I was looking at his back.

“How d’you like the suit?” He asked. He then turned to face me and set the cups down on the table. I pulled my chair in as to hide things going on downstairs.

“It’s quite comfortable” I replied. Man, did I sound like a nervous ass. “Today’s catch wasn’t that good” I said trying to change the subject, which was hard considering that I could feel the suit rubbing all over my body when ever I moved.

“Not sure why, it must be something to do with the tides. The storm should churn things up a bit though, making tomorrow a good day for bait digging.”

“You planning on going then?”

“Yeah, any you’ll be coming with me” and as he said this I heard that he was trying to make his voice a little more authoritative.

We went on to discuss some other things, like what we would be doing with the rest of out friends the coming weekend and passed over the usual conversations about politics and what we though about what was going on in the world, having similar thoughts about some things and different opinions about others. After a few more drinks –

“Erm, I really need to take a leak.” I said this shyly, never really wanting to confess something like that to another guy.

“And you’re telling me because-”

“Because the pull on the zip has broken off and there is no way that I can undo this suit myself.”

“Right” David said sarcastically. Then he walked over to the kitchen draw, searched for a little while and found a pair of needle nose pliers. He asked me to stand up and then gripping what was left of the zip with the pliers he slid it down, taking his time, and as he did so I felt a drop in pressure around various parts of my body. I thanked him and then headed straight to the bathroom and hastily pulled off the arms of the suit, stood in front of the toilet bowl and did my business, except we all know how much longer it takes to pee when your dick is stiff. While I was in the bathroom I took my time to take off the suit completely and enjoy the process of putting it on again. My first time wearing a wetsuit and I was completely hooked. It was hot in the suit, my body layered in sweat but I didn’t think about wiping any of it off. I put my arms back into the sleeves, wearing the suit almost completely again, the back not being zipped up the only thing left undone. I checked myself out in the mirror and I was sure that I looked a little bigger than before. I pulled various poses in the mirror, enjoying the way that the black smoothness of the suit made me look in the mirror. Realising the time that I was taking I quickly finished up and headed back to the kitchen. David had just finished making another tea which I decided was going to have to be my last for the night. He saw me entering the room and then stood up, pliers in hand.

“We can’t have you getting a cold now can we” he said, walking behind me and then pulling up the zipper using the pliers. He then closed the flap over the zip.

“So where’d this suit come from anyway? And how much are you going to offer to sell it to me for?” I asked him as I sat down at the table, realising that what a fool I had made of myself trying to get ownership of the suit, possibly telling him how desperate I wanted to stay in the suit in the process.

“It was free, so don’t worry about it.”

“Free? Even I know that suits like this don’t come for free.”

“This one was. My dad’s doing some prototype work with Orca for a new line of suits. And this is one of them.”

“But your dad’s a biotechnologist.”

“Yeah, I have no idea what it was he was doing there, but he has a good background in biology so maybe that has something to do with it.”

“I guess so. Maybe something to do with muscle or something along those lines.” I said, but I did have the feeling that he was trying to fob me off a little, but I didn’t care, I was quite happy where I was, although trapped if I ever needed to get out of this suit in a hurry.

“Want to watch a film?”

“Sure. What have you got?”

We walked into the living room and as we walked past the thermostat he flicked it up to 28C. Fair enough, he was only wearing tracksuit bottoms, but I think he had forgotten that I was wearing a wetsuit. He ran through a long list of film titles but in the end we watched Shanghai Nights. We were in for a few laughs and a bit of action and it more or less hit the spot. He went out of the room and I heard a few doors open and close and he returned with a bag of Doritos, some dip, a bottle of coke, and a few sheets of paper stapled together.

“This is the info that my dad gave me about the suit. Just a design sheet for cutting the material really and the colour schemes that they were going to offer it in.”

“And there is something here that you didn’t care to mention. This suit has a two-way relief zipper so you can open either the butt access or crotch access. The material temporarily splits as you open the zip but then welds itself back together again with your body heat when the zip is closed. That must have been the part your dad was working on.”

“Maybe.” Again there it was. He knew something that he was not letting on about.

We chatted as film went on. I needed to pee again. For one thing being in the suit with nothing covering my privates kept me nervous and that stopped me from getting a boner, but it meant that I had to pee an awful lot. I went to go to the bathroom –

“Need a little help with that zipper?”

“No, I think I’ll try the relief zippers, thanks all the same” I replied sarcastically.

I went to the bathroom and started to grope around my crotch, looking for the zippers but I couldn’t find them. They weren’t there. I bet David had had them removed from the suit after he had got it or he made those sheets and this was his idea of a laugh. I would have to go back to him with my tail between my legs, but I had no choice. I couldn’t pee in another guy’s wetsuit, and besides, I wasn’t into things like that. I walked back out to the kitchen and got the pliers and then went back to the living room. I waved them in front of David.

“Say please” he teased.

“Just unzip the suit” I said.

“Say please” he said grinning.

“Come on” I was getting a little impatient and my bladder was getting demanding.

“Say please” he said again, his voice unchanging.


“There’s a good boy. Turn around.”

I turned around and he undid the flap and then pulled the zipper down and then he sat in the armchair again.

“Thanks” I gave him as a sarcastic reply.

I’m not going to go through going to the toilet again but when I came back I entered the room with the suit hanging around my waist. I was hot and I was getting tired and I really felt like going to bed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” said David rhetorically as I entered the room.

“I’m knackered. I feel like going to bed.” I said and sat at the end of the sofa

“What do you think you’re doing?” David said again as he was standing.

“Cut it out. I’m not interested in any games.” What a lie that was.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he said again, standing in front of me.

I looked him in the eye and he stared back at me. The he started to pretend to walk out of the room but actually jumped my over the back of the sofa. He wrestled me to the floor and although I tried to fight back against him he was stronger. He wrestled me until I was face down on the floor and he had one knee either side of me ass, his crotch rubbing against it, exciting me, and his hands on my back. Then, using his strength he started to force me left arm back into the sleeve that it was in earlier. He got it in and then I started to loose my energy to fight back. Besides, I was enjoying being forced back into the suit. That was a weird sensation. When he had got both my arms back in he held me down with one hand and then with the other pulled the pliers from off the coffee table. He then slid the zip up the back of the suit.

“I though you liked the suit? I thought you liked wearing the suit?” He said with emphasis on the word ‘wearing’.

“I do. But I want to go to bed.”

“That’s no problem, you can sleep in the suit.”

“It’s not practical to stay in a wetsuit all the time, let alone one with a broken zip.”

“We’ll see. Come on then. Bed time.”

We’ll see, what the hell did that mean!? He went round the room and turned things off and then went to the kitchen and set the alarm for windows and doors. Then we headed up stairs.

“By the way, my sister locked her bedroom door so you are going to have to stay in my room.”

“No problem.” I lied.

We went into his room. He then got a winter sleeping back out of his wardrobe and then tossed it on the floor.

“And I thought that you wouldn’t mind sleeping at the foot of my bed.”

God, what did he know and what didn’t he know. My head was now busy with thoughts. I started straightening out the bag on the floor while he swapped his tracksuit bottoms for some boxers, my boxers.

“I hope you don’t mind if I borrow these, mine are in the wash” he said.

“Go ahead.” I said, but I knew that once he had slept in those that they were never going to see inside a washing machine again.

I was so tired that I couldn’t find the power to speak any more and my mind was full of thoughts. I climbed into the sleeping bag at the foot of his bed. David switched out the light and quickly I fell asleep.

To be continued… In part 3.

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