Evening Surf? – Part 2

By Rob.

The Story

The drive seemed to take forever…mile after mile of road passed as Rob became sweatier and sweatier.

Finally, Ben pulled off the main road on to a narrow country lane that lead up to an old farm house. By now it was dark and a full moon cast long eerie shadows across the yard of the house. Rob could pick up a big house with a large barn next to it.

By now, the sweat was pouring out of the bottom of the suit and Rob was rock hard under the suit, but of course, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Stay here dude, I need to go sort a few things out…actually I better make sure you don’t try and do a runner, that suit cost a fortune!”

Ben leant into the back of the van and pulled a pair of handcuffs out of the drawer

“I don’t think you’ll mind spending a few more minutes in here will you?”

Before Rob had chance to speak or move, the handcuffs were around his wrists and a bar at the base of the seat

“Sit tight…I wont be long”

Ben climbed out the van and locked the door before strolling towards the house. The padlock securing his suit glistened in the moonlight, his cute backside defined by the tight suit, he was a sight to behold, a vision in neoprene. Just as he was approaching the front door, he made a sharp turn and instead disappeared into the barn next to it. The door closed and a dull light was switched on, shining out through the gap under the door. Rob sat in the van watching, wondering what Ben was up to, with sweat building up under his suit and his rock hard cock crying out for attention.

After about 15 minutes, Ben come out of the barn and walked to the house…giving Rob a cheeky smile as he walked across the front of the van. He wasn’t in there long, walking back out with something in his hand. Ben slid the side door of the van open and knelt down next to Rob.

“How’re you doing fella?”

“HOT, very HOT!” Rob replied with beads of sweat running down his forehead, “what’s going on here, what have you got planned?”

“Ah well it’ll be a surprise from you, but considering your lack of complaining, I reckon you’re going to enjoy yourself immensely”

At this point, Ben produced the item he had carried from the house. “I hope you’re not scared of the dark” he quipped.

Everything went dark for Rob and a strong smell of rubber filled his nostrils. A click signalled the locking of another padlock at the back of the hood. Rob tried to open his mouth, but as soon as he did, a gag was pushed in, filling his mouth.

“Well I don’t want to scare the surprise” Ben chuckled evilly.

Ben unlocked one of the handcuffs, freeing it from the back of the chair and securing them back behind his back. He secured a chain to the collar on the hood and gave it a tug. Reluctantly, Rob followed, stepping down out of the van, finding it hard to walk after sitting and sweating in the suit for so long. The cool summer evening air made Rob shiver slightly, but he soon became accustomed to it

He was dragged by Ben into the barn, still in complete darkness. All of a sudden he came to a stop and Ben started stoking his body.

“I think you’re going to need a bit of a drink and a break, you’ve been in that suit for quite a while now”

Rob grunted into the gag, he was so thirsty his throat was incredibly sore. Ben told Rob to suck the gag, a cool liquid trickled out of the end of the gag, soothing his throat immediately. Then he noticed it was numbing his throat quite effectively, too effectively if anything. That was the last thing Rob remembered.

Rob slowly started to come around. He was curled up on what felt like the floor and he couldn’t see anything, but could feel something rubbery against his body. “Damn” he thought, “I’m still in this suit and hood!!

He tried to speak, his mouth was empty, but his jaw was clamped shut. He tried to move his arms, starting with his fingers. He noticed that his fingers with covered in neoprene, like he was wearing gloves, his toes were also the same. He tried to go and grab his crotch, but there was something stopping him, his crotch was rock hard all over. Starting to panic, he tried to get up but could only kneel on all fours, there was something stopping him from standing. As he moved about, he felt something between his legs which run through his arse crack to a solid belt around his waist. It was at this point he heard footsteps approaching.

“Morning Rob, how’re you feeling? Oh I remember, you can’t speak can you? I suppose you I should tell you what I’ve got in store for you.”

Ben walked over to the wall and grabbed a remote control, he pushed a button and suddenly Rob could see. The light blinded him momentarily, but as his eyes readjusted, Rob began focusing on what looked like bars in front of him. Panicking, he tried to scuttle away on his knees. He didn’t get far until he collided with more bars.

“I’d stay still if I were you, you’re not going far in there fella.”

Rob realised he was in a cage, about 10ft x 10ft by 4ft. There was a light above the cage illuminating him, but he couldn’t see much more. The straw on the floor indicated he was still in the barn, but apart from that, he had no idea what was around him.

Ben walked into his sight, “when I saw you on the side of the road, you looked stunning! I knew I had the perfect job for you, and when I saw the wetsuit and your hard-on, I knew you were perfect. You’re probably wondering what you’re wearing, well I’ll start from the top and work down. You’re wearing a hood made of a special reinforced neoprene, it wont let you open you’re mouth it’s so tight, so I’ll have some peace and quiet. It also has some special lenses that I can control what you see…like this” Ben pushed the button and everything went dark again. “I’ll keep you in the dark for now, you probably enjoy it more, I can tell you’re a kinky bloke, there’s not been any screaming or shouting…..yet! Next, you’re wearing a full rubber suit with a wetsuit over the top, that’ll keep you nice and warm. Under the suit you’ve got a steel chastity belt locked on that has some electrodes in it, so I can give you a good jolt if needs be….more about that will become apparent soon. Finally, you’re hands and feet are in neoprene gloves and socks that are permanently attached to the suit.”

Rob was scared, but incredibly turned on. He had dreamed of this many times, leaving plenty of stains on his bed sheets. He had no idea what was going on, but he wasn’t going to complain at the moment, mainly because he couldn’t, but because he was enjoying himself too much.

“I think you need some more rest, I’ll come back and explain some more later.”

With that, Ben walked away from the cage, his footsteps getting quieter until Rob was left alone in silence and darkness, incredibly horny and unable to do anything about it.

To be continued… In part 3.

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