Shane’s Weekend

By Wetsuited.

The Story

Alex and Stuart had been keen surfers for years and had both got the same passion for surfing, they were both gay, 18, average looks and regarded themselves as trendy and lived for the times they could be together out on their boards.

They had grown up together as school pals, they had many mates and real friends but they had one particular guy they really both liked and that was Shane.

Shane was a great guy, good physique, always had the latest clothes and had good tastes. He was into sportswear, always had the latest tracksuits, trainers and sweatshirts, Alex and Stuart really liked Shane and both used to dream about him a lot.

Alex and Stuart were both at university but during the summer they had jobs at the local JJB sports shop, they loved it there as they were surrounded by lots of clothes and trainers which they had desires on and it meant they that they both constantly got to meet horny young guys coming into the shop for new gear.

It was a warm Saturday, and both Alex and Stuart were working together in the shop, filling the racks and tidying the shelves when Alex noticed that Shane had come into the store and was browsing around the gear. He was also on his own. Stuart and Alex both felt their heart quicken as their mate had arrived in the shop and was probably going to try on more new gear for his wardrobe. Shane moved around the store browsing at Nike and adidas T-Shirts and Tracksuit bottoms when he then moved into the footwear section and starting lifting trainers from the shelves.

Stuart and Alex couldn’t resist any more and both moved in to say hi to Shane, “Hi Shane”, said Alex and Stuart together, Shane turned round and was surprised to see them. He had been in the store many a time due to his fetish for sports clothes and trainers and had never met them here but was delighted, he liked Alex and Stuart, but he did not want to seem to be startled. “Oh, Hi” said Shane, “Just looking for some new trainers, my Nikes are getting a bit worn and I want to get some new ones for the summer”. Alex and Stuart looked down at Shane’s’ feet, He had a pair of Nike Cortez on which admittedly to them looked hardly worn at all, “Oh ok” said Stuart why don’t you look around, we can give you a hand”. Alex and Stuart couldn’t help but feel good as there idol was now in the shop and was going to try on loads of new trainers for them. -Wow this was the best job they had ever had.

Shane went back to the shelves and started pulling loads of trainers off the shelves and feeling them up and down. Alex looked at Stuart and winked, they both got the same idea! “Why don’t you try some on” said Alex, “Ok” said Shane and they moved over to the bench seats to sit Shane down.

Shane then spent nearly half an hour trying on different shoes, getting Alex and Stuart to give him different trainers and Alex was getting rather tired in going to the stockroom every five minutes to get another pair for Shane to try on. But they were all enjoying it in their own ways. Shane was trying on the latest pair of adidas taikwondo trainers, they were great, and “I think I like these” he said. “Why don’t you go for a walk around” Alex remarked. Shane got up and started walking around. Alex turned to Stuart and winked again and then Stuart suggested that Shane go through the stockroom door and try walking around outside. He would then be closer to the store room and he would get a better idea of the comfort of the shoes. Shane agreed and then they set off through the door into the storeroom.

Once into the storeroom Alex went straight out through another door and Shane was left with Stuart “it’s a bit dark in here to see properly” remarked Shane, “yeah I know replied Stuart, “its too stop the clothes fading, come on we’ll go outside into the yard.”

With that offer Stuart held the door open and Shane went through into the bright sunlight. Without a blink of eye as soon as Shane went through the door then Alex appeared, and jumped onto Shane and started to cover his head with a surfboard bag he had retrieved from his van. The bag was large, “Now we have you” shouted Alex. Both Alex and Stuart wrestled Shane to the floor and started to force Shane into the board bag. It was a large board bag and Shane would fit into it easily. Shane put up big resistance as he wondered what was going on, but after a few seconds Shane was well and truly put into the bag and zipped up.” Get some rope” shouted Stuart and Alex went back to the van and retrieved some rope from the back, he brought it back and then they started to bind up the bag with Shane still struggling inside. Shane was struggling quite violently and was making quite a lot of noise, so Stuart suggested they get him into the back of their van as soon as possible.

Stuart and Alex owned a typical surfers’ VW van all kitted out for their days at the beach and meals and sleeping in, it was a bit of a mess, but it was just all they needed.

Stuart and Alex dragged the bag over to the van and then they both lifted it into the rear of the van. As quick as a flash the two guys jumped into the back of the van and closed the doors.

“Now” Stuart shouted at Shane through the bag. “We have you just where we want you, we have a half days holiday booked, and tomorrows Sunday and Mondays a bank holiday so we have two and a half days free with you Shane” what do you reckon to that?” Shane could here Stuart through the bag and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This is kidnap he thought, he had only fantasised about it in his mind before, and never did he believe he would one day we part of one and with his best mates as well.

Stuart and Alex were starting to get very horny and turned on, they had there best mate held in bondage in their camper van just what they had planned together over many a nights discussion.

“Right”, shouted Stuart “its no use struggling, we have wanted to get you with us for ages” he continued,” we know you have been watching us surfing for months and know you like us wearing our wetsuits so we thought we would give you some time together with us in our suits and see if we can convert you to a proper surfer and wetsuit lover”

Shane listened and couldn’t believe his ears. He loved guys in wetsuits, and together with his fetish for trainers and sports gear he knew he couldn’t deny the claim.

Shane didn’t respond he thought he would keep quiet.

“Right then” remarked Alex I know what we shall do. Alex turned round and grabbed a full one piece wetsuit from the back of the van. The van was full of suits and drysuits and surf gear which the guys used for as they owned a few between them, let’s get him out of that bag and into some rubber. “Listen Shane” Alex shouted again through the bag, we’re going put you into rubber and I can’t see you coming out of it until at least Monday, so you better make the most of it now. Shane grunted from within the bag.

With that Alex removed the ropes from around the bag and unzipped the bag and Stuart was waiting ready with a pair of handcuffs which were quickly snapped onto Shane’s wrists behind his back. Alex reached into his sports bag and produced a ball gag which at speed inserted into Shane’s mouth and tightened the straps real tight.

Alex then set about beginning to remove Shane’s clothes. Shane started to struggle at the thought of his mates removing his clothes but with Stuart holding him firm Alex was soon able to remove Shane’s T-shirt, Alex started to untie Shane’s Tracksuit bottoms and slide them down, he was wearing a pair of tight lycra cycle shorts underneath and was now showing quite a firm erection. “Oh, Wow, what do we have here, it looks as if you are enjoying it” remarked Alex, and what nice shorts!!

Alex admired Shane and then removed his new trainers and white socks and finally his tracksuit bottoms. Then with one swift pull he removed Shane’s cycle shorts. Shane was sweating and still struggling against his captures holds but Alex then produced some lubricant from his bag and then with the aid of Stuart they both started to liberally coat Shane’s entire body with gel.

Holding onto Shane was now very difficult but Stuart got hold of the one piece wetsuit and started to feed Shane’s legs into the suit. The suit was a SOLA winter suit about 5mm thick and black smoothskin. The guys gradually eased the suit up Shane’s legs and lower body. Stuart produced a pair of leather leg cuffs from the back of the van and fitted them quickly to Shane’s ankles locking them together. Stuart them removed the handcuffs from Shane and started to feed each arm into the suit.

Shane was getting hot and horny the more the suit was fitted to his young athletic body.

The guys were then able to feed Shane’s head through the top of the suit as it had a across the shoulder zip, with one final struggle Alex pulled up the suit and closed the zip across the back of Shane’s shoulders. “There you are Shane, all rubbered up” he shouted,” How does it feel?” he gave his firm erection a gentle pat with his hand.

Shane felt great; his entire body was now encased in rubber he had never had a wetsuit on before, he had only been admiring the guys in their own suits and with the added lubricant all over his body he was able to squirm around inside the suit, giving him a great sensation he wondered what was in store for him.

“We haven’t finished him off yet” replied Stuart, he moved to the back of the van and retrieved a roll of duct tape and returned back to Shane’s rubber clad body and proceeded to wrap tape around the ankles of the suit. He then moved to the wrists, and finally added more tape around Shane’s neck sealing him inside the suit. Another piece of tape was then taken and put over the shoulder zip and a small padlock was then added to the zipper on the shoulder. Alex found a pair of wetsuit bootees under a sleeping bag and then fitted them one by one to Shane, two gloves were then added and tape then further added around the tops of the boots and gloves. To finish off their handy work Stuart pulled a latex mask from his bag and pulled it down over Shane’s head. The hood only had eye and nose holes as Shane was securely gagged.
“Now you are complete” remarked Stuart.

Shane was now completely covered from head to toe and sealed tightly into the suit, with no escape. The sealed suit made him hot and sweaty and turned him on.

“He looks as if he really enjoys it” remarked Alex; I think we should head for the beach.

The guys decided they would now head off to the beach and let Shane watch them have some fun down in the surf.

A sleeping bag was placed on the floor and Alex and Stuart produced some rope from the back of the van and began securing Shane spread eagled to the camper van floor. Shane’s wrists and ankles were securely fixed to either side of the vans interior.

“You look great,” remarked Alex,

The guys moved into the front of the van and started the engine and drove off out of the yard, and waved to the security officer at the gate. (If only he knew what cargo they had on board.)

Alex and Stuart had only about a 45 minute drive to the beach, they were choosing a secluded cove which only a few dedicated surfers went to, and hopefully not too many guys would be there today as they had their wetsuited prisoner with them.

Shane was warming up, the van was warm due to the sunny day and plus his wetsuit and unknown destiny he was sweating, he was glad when he heard the van pull off the road and enter a bumpy track, he was thrown around, but his tightly secured restraints reminded him of his situation.

When they arrived at the beach Alex and Stuart were pleased as no other surfers were there and they could have the cove and surf to themselves.

Alex turned off the engine jumped out and went round to the back of the van and opened the back doors, immediately Shane could feel the breeze on his rubber clad body.

“Come on lets get changed” said Stuart as he pulled two large sports bags from the rear of the van, and pulled the zips open.
He threw two one piece wetsuits onto the ground, and Alex and Stuart started to undress.

Stuart donned a full black ‘Gul’ wetsuit, totally made of smoothskin, he loved his suits that way, and completed it with a pair of wetsuit boots. Alex had chosen a black and blue one piece marlin suit which a bit like the suit they had Shane held in, he needed assistance from Stuart to close the across shoulder zip.

Stuart then removed some small posts from the back of the van and proceeded to start knocking them into the sand with a large hammer. They both jumped into the back of the van.

Shane now caught site of his two wetsuited mates in the van with him and his erection became firm again. “I think he is very happy” said Alex,

The guys started to remove the restraints from the side of the van but left the ropes attached to Shane’s wrists and ankles, the hood and gag was then removed. They ordered Shane to get out of the van. Shane shuffled out of the van and onto the sand. They were on a glorious beach, the wind was up and the crash of the waves was great.

Alex and Stuart walked Shane to the poles put into the sand and ordered him to lie down on his back. Alex and Stuart then took the ropes from Shane’s ankles and wrists and started to secure them to the four posts they had firmly fixed into the ground.

Shane found himself spread-eagled on his back, lying in the hot sun. His wetsuited body was warming up again, but he was enjoying it inside.

Stuart went back to the van and came back with a cushion and promptly put it under Shane’s head,” There you are, you can look at us in the sea, while you lay there”, he grinned. He produced a pair of sunglasses for Shane and slipped them onto his nose and ears, “There you are, we think of everything for our mate”. With that Alex and Stuart turned on their heels and headed back to the van for their surf boards.

Alex and Stuart then spent the next hour out in the water perfecting there surf skills; they loved the time they could spend together on the water.

All Shane could do was lay and watch, he was getting hotter and hotter in the one piece wetsuit which was still tightly sealed to his young body. He was now very horny as he was now wearing what he loved to see Alex and Stuart wearing on their many trips to the sea. He had watched them on many occasions at the public beach from a distance but now he was with them, and enjoying his fetish. He wondered what else they had in store for him. This was obviously all pre-planned, they knew what to do, and they had the gear, had they done this before? He wondered.

Alex and Stuart returned up the beach, they threw their boards back into the van and came over to Shane, their wetsuit clad body’s dripping water everywhere.

We must go and get something to eat “Alex said as he glanced at Shane, “yeah, I’m starving” replied Stuart, “Come on let’s release Shane and go and get something”.

Alex and Stuart then proceeded to release Shane from his bondage and march him over to the back of the van. Shane stepped into the back of the van and the guys shut and locked the doors.

Alex turned to Stuart and said, “Hey, shall we stay in out wetsuits for a bit longer?” Yeah, why not” replied Stuart so they both jumped into the front of the van dripping wet.

They started the van and pulled back from the beach and set off up the bumpy track.

Stuart pulled onto the main road and they set off to town.

After a few minutes driving Stuart pulled off the main road down the slip road and into the service station. The service station had toilets, petrol pumps and a small restaurant and take away area. When they had parked Alex and Stuart moved into the back of the van.

“Right Shane” said Stuart this is your first public dare in a wetsuit, we are hungry and we want you to go and get us a couple of burgers and chips from the take-away. “What? Dressed like this? Replied Shane, “yep” they both repeated. Shane was taken aback, he loved wearing a wetsuit, but being dared by the guys to go into a public place wearing his favorite attire was going to be difficult. “No buts” replied Stuart, “you have no option”

Alex handed Shane some money and unlocked the back doors of the van. “Go on then” shouted Alex, Shane moved to the door and stepped out of the van into the car park, he was really nervous, there was a few cars into the car park and he could see a few people milling around in the restaurant. Just then a car pulled up and four guys jumped out and went into the restaurant, Shane noticed them as they were all wearing tracksuits and new trainers and at that point he wished he was wearing the same.

Alex and Stuart watched from the van, they knew Shane would do it, he wouldn’t run away, he wasn’t dressed right for a start, and who would believe him? And they knew in their minds that he would return because deep down he loved what he was doing and he wanted to experience more of his rubber weekend.

Shane walked across the car park, nervously at first and started to gain his composure as he reached the restaurant door. He turned the handle and shuffled inside.

Inside the restaurant the radio was playing and the sound and smell of frying burgers was great, he was hungry. A few heads turned and looked at him, the girl at the counter lifted her head, he went to the back of the queue, and stood behind the four guys who had just arrived. Shane stood there nervously shifting from one foot to another. One by one the customers were served, the four lads before him start mucking around with each other and then one of them turned to Shane and looked him up and down and said “You expecting rain mate?” Shane looked at him and said”yeah, something like that mate” the guys continued chatting and messing around in the queue until they had given their orders. Shane moved up to the counter and gave the girl his order and moved over to the side to wait his food. He was enjoying wearing his wetsuit the lubricant inside it now was making him really horny and every move made the material slide around his body. He began to feel more confident, he thought I don’t know these people so that’s alright, but then what if someone he knew came into the shop shudder the thought. He hoped his food would be ready soon. The four lads got their food and passed Shane and went out of the door.

After a few more minutes Shane’s food was ready, he paid his money to the girl and hastily left the shop. The four guys were sitting on the wall outside the shop and Shane had to walk past them to get back to the van, as he passed the guys one guy winked at him but he kept going, “did he like me?” Shane thought “or did he like wetsuits as well?” Anyway, he made his way back to the van and knocked on the two back doors. Alex opened one of the doors and beckoned Shane to get inside. Once inside Shane was congratulated on passing his first public dare and they all sat down in the back of the van to eat.

As soon as Shane had finished his burger Alex turned round and grabbed the leg cuffs which he had removed from Shane earlier, he passed them to Stuart and then they fitted then to Shane along with a pair of leather wrist restraints, Alex found a leather hood in the bag and forced Shane’s head into it. It had now eye holes only nose and a zipped mouth and was secured up the back by a zipper and further more by laces. They turned Shane over onto his stomach and performed a neat hogtie on Shane. They both congratulated themselves on their handy work and then moved into the front of the van to drive off. Shane was now wondering what was going to happen, he loved being cocooned in the suit but was not too sure on all this bondage thing.

The guys had decided that they would go back to their flat for the evening, they had a fun filled day planned for tomorrow and they felt they should have a relaxing evening in their suits. As they entered the driveway of the apartment Alex jumped out of the van and opened the garage door, now the van could drive straight in and Alex closed the garage door behind it. Both of the wetsuit clad guys jumped out of the van and went round to the rear of the van and threw open the doors. Shane was still hogtied and starting to struggle against his restraints. “Come on lets get you inside to play with” remarked Alex Shane thought at least when they had stopped the van that his torment would be over but this didn’t seem to be what the two guys had in store. Alex untied Shane’s hogtie but left on the ankle and wrist restraints. Stuart found his surfboard bag again and starting to feed Shane’s legs inside the bag, he slid the bag over the wetsuit covered body of Shane, it moved easily against the material and soon Shane was sealed again inside the bag.
This would now make it easier for the guys to move Shane inside.

Shane felt himself being lifted by the two guys; he was getting hot again inside the bag and the restriction of the hood made it even sweatier. Shane felt himself being carried down some stairs.

Alex and Stuart had taken Shane down to their basement of the flat, they placed Shane onto the floor and unzipped the bag and slid Shane out onto the floor. Alex then removed Shane’s restricting hood.

Shane could not believe his eyes; he was obviously in the basement of Stuart and Alex’s apartment, all Shane could see was wetsuits and rubber outfits, hoods, gloves, adorning the walls and what looked like lots of kinky equipment, it was obviously their playroom where they liked to have fun in wetsuits and gear. Shane knew that the two guys loved surfing but never knew they were obviously into kinky play in gear as well.

What was he in for? He assumed he was now going to be their plaything for the rest of the weekend.

To be continued… In part 2.

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