The Council – Part 2

The Story

Steve awoke on his 20th birthday. He was in his cell, a slave held captive by The Wetsuit Council. Only let out to work out or to be fucked, Steve had grown used to his life. But he did not enjoy it. 

He slept in the nude; the only time to himself. Leaving the bed, Steve walked over to the rack of wetsuits he could wear. He had seven, one for every day, but first Steve got ready for the day.

After getting prepped in a small washroom space, Steve approached the rack again. Which to wear? His Orca speedsuit, the one that was sewn onto his body the day he became a slave? The shorty that drove some of the council member’s crazy? His skintight, zipper-less Billabong surf suit? The one Master Fitzgerald gave him that was hunting gear print, that usually involved Master Fitzgerald acting out a country boy fantasy with him. The Quicksilver one that was black, grey, and two shades of blue, allowing Steve to add a bit of color to his wardrobe that mostly had been mute tones? The white Exceed wetsuit he wore on special occasions?

Steve picked his newest suit: a zipper-less Rip Curl suit. He grabbed his accompanying booties: a matching pair of split-toe Rip Curls with a strap across the foot and around the ankle. Steve opened the suit and began to slowly put it on. Skintight, having also been sew to custom fit, the suit was a tight squeeze up his fit, long legs. Reaching his hips Steve stood up to pull the suit over his large, fit torso. The wetsuits had gotten tighter the more Steve worked out, his body becoming that of a man than that of a late-teenage boy. Slipping his large arms into the sleeves he pulled them over his broad shoulders and was almost all in. The neoprene was so light and stretchy; he kind of loved how it reminded him of spandex. Moreover, the seamless and zipper-less suit made Steve think of a superhero’s suit. He imagined being one often, possibly escaping his prison and saving the world, making his suit, once an element of control, an element of power. Pulling the neck hole over his head and doing up the snap, Steve was into his suit. He sat back on the bed and put on his booties before hearing a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Steve called.

Sam, a teenage secretary for The Council entered carrying an iPad. Medium height with short, blonde hair and blue eyes, he had the lean build of a soccer player and wore a shorty: the uniform of a submissive, young, secretary. Sam was new but Steve knew him from his old life. Steve, as a school jock, had been a student coach to Sam both on the track and on the soccer field. Sam had so much potential and Steve was sad to see him relegated to this role so young by The Council. The law was 18 but occasionally boys as young as 16 could be brought in and forced into wetsuits if someone suggested their name. Too young for sex slavery like Steve, being underage and all, but it was clear that Sam was being looked at, especially with his hairless, bare legs. Someone must have suggested Sam. Steve lost it the day Sam was brought in, leading to a night of torture wherein Steve was edged and disallowed to cum for hours. After that Steve took Sam under his wing, making him his personal contact to The Council. Steve was allowed this privilege having become one of the highest-ranking sex slaves among those held for The Council.

“Morning Steve. Happy birthday!” Sam said with a smile. Sam’s smile always made Steve feel good. Reminded him of their old life.

“Thanks man.” Steve slapped Sam on his shoulder. “What’s on deck for today?”

“Not much except an appointment in the lab.” Sam tapped at the iPad a few times. “It’s listed as confidential; I can’t view any details at my clearance level.”

Steve crossed behind Sam, looking at the iPad with confusion. It was listed as this unending looking lab session. Steve crossed his arms. Normally lab sessions were for experimental subjects only and Steve wasn’t one.

“Weird. But I’m sure there is a reason.”

“But what? What could they want with you? To do with you?”

Sam looked concerned and Steve had to sooth him. Sam might have been just as aware of what happened at the lab as Steve but the two were like brothers and Sam feared for the man he saw as an older brother.

“I’m sure it is nothing. The experiments they do in there wouldn’t be done on one of their best sex slaves.” Steve touched Sam’s shoulder. “It’ll all be okay.”

Sam smiled back at Steve and he gave a laugh. “Come on bro, let’s go for a run. Do you have time for the gym?”

“No, actually I have a lot of work today. Before I forget, that’s my favorite wetsuit of yours.”

Steve smiled. “Mine too. It… It reminds me of a superhero suit.”

The two laughed and Steve struck a Superman pose. “Remember the time you dressed as a superhero for Halloween?”

Steve had done that, the Halloween before being accepted by The Council. He had worn an old wetsuit, a cape, a mask and his black Nike shoxs. It was funny and silly but deep down Steve knew he enjoyed it.

“You know, when I saw you dressed as a superhero, I thought you’d make a great superhero.” Sam said.

“Really?” Steve looked at Sam, smiling.

“Yeah, I mean, you’re nice, helpful, you take care of everyone… even now, you’ve been so good to me.”

“That doesn’t make me a superhero.”

“Well, you might think that but it does, and you look like one too. Especially in that Rip Curl.” Sam laughed as he turned to leave. “Take care man, I’ll try and see you before the lab session.”

“Bye man.” Steve looked at himself in the mirror. He struck his superman pose again and thought about himself as a superhero. He looked the part, but could he play the part?
Later, the time had come for Steve to enter the lab, nervous but confident he strutted to the lab.

“Steve!” Sam called and came running up behind him. Steve let him catch up but then began his confident strut again. Steve’s stride was bigger than Sam’s, being taller, and Sam had to speed walk to keep up. Steve was walking with purpose, like he would head into any of his sporting events. He was going to win whatever The Council had in store for him. He pumped himself up, having gone to the gym previously, Steve puffed up his chest to look bigger than he already was, which was already big.

“What do you think they’ll do to you in there?” Sam said.

“I dunno.” Steve replied.

“I don’t feel good about this.”

Steve couldn’t reply. He wanted to comfort Sam but he couldn’t break himself from the fear of what was to come. He continued to move with confidence but every part of him was screaming in fear.

They reached the door. “This is as far as I can go” Sam said. He reached his arms around Steve and gave him a hug. Steve held Sam in his arms, his little brother. He knew he would see him again, but in what capacity he didn’t know.

“Everything will be okay.” Steve told Sam. Sam slipped away from Steve. He looked calm, surprisingly, and that brought Steve back to earth. He knew everything would work out in the end.

Steve turned and entered the lab.
After entering through a set of sliding doors, the vast space of the lab expanded before Steve. The lab was cold and dark, much like the space Steve was first brought in by The Council. A light illuminated a chair on a raised platform in the center of the room and from behind it a man circled out, hand extended.

“Steve!” He said excitedly. “I’m Doctor Consuelos.” The doctor was darker in complexation, shorter, older, but still good looking; he was obviously fit and active as his toned body was obvious even under the tight wetsuit he wore. Beneath a white lab coat, Steve could see that he was wearing a suit like his colorful Rip Curl one. Steve shook the doctor’s hand.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you Steve.”

“Hi. So, what am I here for?”

“Quick to the point. I like that. Follow me.” Consuelos said walking slowly toward the illuminated chair. “As you probably know, The Council has found great favor with you, and you have pleased them in return. The Council wishes to use you more in their expansion.”

“Expansion?” The two walked up the stairs toward the chair.

“We’re looking to having more councils around the world, making more wetsuit men, bringing wetsuits to the men of the world.” He stopped before the chair and turned to Steve. “And you are very key to that.”

“Why me?”

“You… are perfection.”

Steve was confused. “What?”

“We’ve been monitoring you Steve, and testing you. You latched onto the wetsuits so much faster and stronger than anyone else. There was no need to use any device to change your behavior you just reacted to your new life and accepted it. When you came to us you had spirit and we liked that, it drew us to you. Your body is amazing, your features” Consuelos reached out and touched Steve’s face “are flawless. We need more of you in this place. In this world.”

Steve was confused but not afraid; something about the doctor was very peaceful. “So what do you want with me?”

“Please sit.” Consuelos gestured to the chair. It was raised and had long legs that Steve’s legs would clearly be strapped to. Yet the legs seemed to have the ability to spread, like stirrups. The chair reclined and had armrests that also appeared to have straps for Steve’s arms.

“What are you going to do to me?” Steve asked forcefully.

“Nothing much. Believe me, you’ll enjoy it.” Consuelos replied. Steve looked at the doctor. He could tell Consuelos was telling the truth, but Steve knew The Council wouldn’t send Steve to the lab just for fun. There had to be a more devious motive. Perhaps Steve could fight Consuelos and escape. The doctor was fit but Steve could take him down; yet the punishment might be worse and The Council would force Steve to do whatever was going to happen anyways. Similarly, if he tried to fight his way out, Consuelos likely had solders hiding in the dark, waiting to react if Steve got out of line. Steve sighed and jumped up into the chair in a swift movement.

He tried to relax, breathing as he reclined into the stirrups; he hadn’t been this nervous since the day he was initiated into The Council. Consuelos came up and stood beside Steve, starting to do up the straps on his arms: one on the biceps, one on the forearm and one on the wrist. He finished the right side before crossing to the left and beginning to strap down Steve’s left side.

As Consuelos went to strap in Steve’s legs (one on the thigh, one on the calf, and one on the ankle), Steve nervously asked: “What are you going to do to me?”

Consuelos gave Steve’s leg a rub, feeling the muscles beneath the suit. “Even before you arrived, The Council had been working on ways to clone individuals. Just as you arrived, we perfected that process, finding a way to make adult clones ready for use. They had a feeling you might be the perfect subject. And you are. The Council plans to make more Steve Beils.”

Steve began to buck and thrust against the restraints, moaning and making panicked noises. Consuelos put his hand on Steve’s chest. “Breath Steve, breath, stay calm. The process is very pleasurable.” Steve’s breathing began to slow.

“Please, no. Don’t do this.”

“Steve, The Council wants this. And you’ll enjoy this. I promise. I’ve tested the process on myself. It is… extraordinary. I wish I was as lucky as you.”

“I don’t want to be cloned. What are you going to do with them?”

“Each of The Council members will get one for their own use. I’ll get one, as head of the experiment, plus additional for some further experiments I have in mind. Others will be trained as disposable solders, others will be sent around the world as representatives of The Council, once their minds have been put under our full control. I speak for myself when I say that I’m very excited for this. Using your body for my experiments… plus finally having one of you to be my private fuck boy… I thank you for this.”

“No. Please don’t do this to me. Please don’t. STOP!”

Steve could hear motors running around him as Consuelos picked up an iPad and began pressing buttons.

“Just relax Steve. You might actually enjoy this.”

Steve was looking around him, trying to see where the noise was coming from. Consuelos set down the iPad and walked up to Steve. Steve looked over at him and noticed he had a pair of scissors in his hand. Consuelos grabbed Steve’s crotch.

“What are you doing with those?”

“Some prep work.” Consuelos rubbed Steve’s crotch before grabbing a bunch of the neoprene covering his penis. With the scissors Consuelos made a surgical cut through the material, releasing Steve’s hairless cock and balls.

“My suit?! What are you doing to my suit?” Steve called.

As his cock and balls spilled out of the suit, Consuelos picked up Steve’s cock and started to rub it. “Man, I can’t wait to get one of my own.” He looked up at Steve with a smile on his face.

“What are you doing to me?” Steve said before moaning and throwing his head back.

“You like that, don’tcha boy?” Consuelos laughed. “More’s to come.”

The motor sounds continued and eventually Consuelos bent down to pick up a contraption. He continued to massage and rub Steve’s cock as he brought the mechanical element to Steve’s level. It was a long tube with a hose attached to it; Steve assumed his cock was to go into the tube.

“No. Please don’t.”

“Believe me Steve. You’ll enjoy this.” He let go of Steve’s cock. “Looks like you’re ready.” Gently Consuelos inserted Steve’s hard cock into the tube. Instantly Steve felt the most intense pleasure ever as the tube expanded and released pressure on his cock.

Steve’s head fell back. “Oh God… Oh Jesus help me. Please stop!”

“I knew you’d love it. I barely held on a few minutes when I tested it on myself. Now just wait, I have to set up the second element.”

“What?!” Steve tried to look at Consuelos but he was at the iPad typing again. Suddenly Steve felt something below him.

“What is that? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” Steve screamed feeling an object poking and pushing into his asshole.

“Please relax Steve, it’ll feel so much better if you just give in.”

Steve began bucking and pulling against his restraints screaming as he tried to free himself. “LET ME GO YOU SICK FUCK! STOP THIS! PLEASE STOP THIS AND LET ME GO!!!” Steve’s chest heaved and his biceps bulged as he fought against the restraints of the chair. Consuelos took off his lab coat, revealing his fit physique, and started to touch himself as he came to stand beside Steve. Touching and rubbing Steve’s arms before sliding to his chest, Consuelos continued to tell Steve to breathe and keep calm.


Steve could feel a dildo pushing against the neoprene covering his ass, pushing so hard it could break the thin neoprene. The machine continued to push and push until Steve began to feel the neoprene break and rip below him.


Suddenly Steve felt his ass punctured with the dildo. He screamed in both pain and pleasure. “GOD HELP ME! SOMEONE! HELP! MMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! STOP THIS! PLEASE STOP THIS!!!”

Consuelos continued to rub Steve’s body, trying to get him to calm down. “Breathe Steve. Breathe.”

“NO! NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Steve screamed at the top of his lungs. Part of him wanted Sam to come running in, busting in the door and freeing him from the chair that became his hell.

Finally, Steve gained some of his stamina back, focusing his energy on Consuelos.

“Consuelos, please, you know this is inhumane. Let me go. Stop this now. This chair is destroying me. Please free me!”

“This is what The Council wants Steve. We must obey.” He continued to stroke his cock through his own wetsuit. “I created the chair as a source of pleasure; give in. I only wish The Council had given me the right to be strapped to the chair for a lifetime.”

“What?! What did you say?!”

Consuelos gave a sinister smile. “Did I forget to mention that? Only so many clones can be made from a single load of your precious cum, and The Council needs lots of clones. You’ll have to be constantly milked, forever in a state of pleasure for the betterment of The Council. I begged The Council to let me be the lucky slave. I put myself into the chair for a few minutes and nearly died from the gratification. A lifetime would be heaven. But you… they chose you.”

Steve was in too much pain and pleasure to think straight and react to the news Consuelos had just given him.

“Oh God. OH. GOD!!!” Steve gave into the situation. “You’re killing my cock!”

“Enjoy it Steve. Give in. You’ll be riding this pleasure wave for an eternity.”

“No! NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!” Steve began to thrash against his restraint, his raging boner trapped in the tube and his ass being assaulted. They never stopped torturing him with pleasure no matter how much he fought it. Steve screamed the whole time.

“FREE ME YOU FUCKER!!! FREE ME!!!” Steve refused to calm down and give into the cloning process. Finally, Consuelos had to do something about that. Picking up the iPad again Consuelos began to type and hit buttons.

“What are you doing? What are you going to do to me now?!” Steve demanded.

“You are unwilling to comply and need to be taken care of.”


A visor of sorts came down from the ceiling and Consuelos came behind Steve and began to attach it to Steve’s head. The top of Steve’s head – his hair – remained exposed but his eyes and ears were covered by the large visor that wrapped all the way around Steve’s skull. Large and bulky, it wasn’t heavy.

“Please, someone help me! PLEASE! HELP! ME!!!”

Consuelos worked quickly to hook Steve up to the visor. Although nothing was attached to him physically, the visor was perfectly suspended around his head.

“What are you doing to me?” Steve asked as the machine continued to rape his body. Suddenly Steve felt needles go into his temples. He screamed like he never had before.


Steve was violently thrashing against the machine while his rock-hard cock was naturally thrusting into the machine, allowing his ass to take in more of the dildo. Steve’s milking continued as he was forced to take another procedure from Consuelos.

“The Council feared you might be too strong willed for this procedure. I prepared for that. We just need to break you.”


Suddenly Steve could see before him: images and videos of men in wetsuits. Men fucking in wetsuits. Men tied up in wetsuits. Steve being fucked in his wetsuits. Steve being brought into The Council. Soon Sam showed up and he saw his initiation.

A young athlete, Sam came in wearing trainers, jeans, and a loose fiting v-neck t-shirt. Like Steve he was questioned before having his clothes ripped from his body, before all the hair was removed. Sam was screaming, begging them to let him go. Then the shortie – the shortie that Sam was wearing today – was sewn onto his body. Sam fought, almost harder than Steve did, and once the suit was sewn on he was dropped to the floor. Weak and defeated.

A new image appeared of Steve wearing a wetsuit and fucking Sam, also in his wetsuit. Steve was dominating his “little brother” and Sam was taking Steve’s giant cock as best he could. Although Steve’s image of himself seemed to be enjoying it, the real-life Steve was repulsed.


“These are your deepest thoughts and memories. We’ve tapped into your brain and visualized your subconscious desires for you. Turns out that little secretary of yours is quite the fuck toy you’ve got.”

“No! NO!!! I don’t want to fuck Sam!”

“Either way Steve, give into your desires and unlock the pleasure you’ve been craving.”

Steve refused to cum, he didn’t want to cum thinking about fucking Sam. Steve forced himself to block the image, to keep his raging hormones in check but alas the ass fucking, the cock sucking, and the image being played in his head were becoming too much too take. Steve’s body needed to cum, regardless of how his mind disagreed.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!” Steve screamed at the top of his lungs, body quivering. He could feel the fluids beginning to build up in his body. “I’m going to cum! I’m going. To. CUM!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Steve felt the fluids that had been building inside him and he couldn’t hold them anymore. Erupting into the machine on his dick, Steve convulsed with every muscle in his body, riding the wave of testosterone and endorphins his body was releasing. The greatest orgasm of his life. The machine on his dick sucked his cum up the tube. Steve’s screaming subsided but as his body returned to a comfortable norm, Steve noticed his head was cloudy.

“What have you done to me? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” Steve began to pull against his restraints before noticing the will to fight was subsiding.

“I didn’t want to do this to you Steve. I always loved your spirit, but The Council worried you might not be eager to go through the cloning process. So, I developed a back-up plan.”

Steve was breathing heavy as his mind became more and more blank. He noticed that all he felt were the two machines still fucking his dick and ass. “I… what…”

“I’m sad to see that fighting spirit go Steve. But it was getting in the way of progress. So, you’ll be nothing but a mindless drone, wanting nothing more than to be fucked and milked by the chair.”

As Consuelos removed the visor, Steve looked up at him. Blank but still alive behind his dark eyes. “Good thing you’re pretty. Cause your brain is gone. What is your name?”

Steve struggled: “S…”

“I’ll ask again, what is your name?”


“That’s right SB001. That’s your name. What are your desires?”

“To be fucked and milked.”


“To make clones. To make more SB models for The Council.”

“Good. Very good. You’ve latched onto the programming very quickly. Would you like to cum again?”

“Yes sir.”

Consuelos punched a few buttons on the iPad. SB001 immediately felt pleasure course through his body.

“Thank you.” SB001 replied.

“Damn I wish that were me. But at least I get a Steve of my own to fuck. I’m looking forward to that. I should alert The Council.”

Consuelos turned and made his way out of the lab, leaving the mindless drone that was once Steve Biel to his eternal pleasure and torture.

Months had passed and the SB models were moving quickly around the world. Mindless clones that looked and acted like Steve. Sam quickly figured out what had happened to Steve and was saddened but somehow took some pleasure in being able to see his “big brother” even if it were as a clone he could not interact with. Sam never wanted to see the original Steve, afraid of how Steve’s mindless form might impact him.

Consuelos was promoted and received not one but two SB clones. One to be an assistant in the lab and another to be his fuck toy. Both pleased Consuelos immensely and often he had threesomes with his clones. Or sometimes he’d watch while the two clones fucked each other. Or Consuelos would fuck one and tell the clone his name would be Steve.

Each week Consuelos brought a new clone into the lab to perform whatever experiment he wanted on the clone. These models differed as they were programmed to retain some level of their original. These clones had a fighting spirit and gave the sadistic doctor some pleasure to seeing his subjects tortured. They also knew their names were Steve and responded to that name. This gave Consuelos extra pleasure.

The number of Steve Biel clones out in the world was now numbering in the 1000s and still the original remained a mindless drone strapped to a chair being fucked for an eternity. Consuelos checked on him daily to make sure he was alright, giving him the necessary shots to keep his body alive. But Steve’s shell simply begged for more pleasure, unknown that the world was filling with ageless and mindless men who looked just like him.

One of Consuelos’s clones was checking Steve one day when Steve started to screaming as if he were in duress. The clone removed Steve from the cloning process and came up to see him face to face. Steve looked at the clone as if he were looking at an alien rather than a mirror image of himself.

“What are you? Who are you?” Steve asked.

“I am SB008. You are my original. You are SB001.”

“My name is Steve. Steve Beil. You have to free me!”

“I need to alert my master that you have become aware again.”

“No! Please help me. Free me!”

The clone looked at his original, debating what to do. He had to obey his master.

“You are a slave. Nothing more. You may be the original, but your body was born to be nothing more than a cum factory to create more of us. And we need more. I’ll alert my master that more drastic measures need to be taken.” SB008 tapped his iPad.

Steve continued to plead with the clone but soon Consuelos was entering the lab.

“I was hopeful it wouldn’t come to this Steve. I wanted to keep some of your identity intact but unfortunately you are just too strong.”

“What are you going to do to me? Please let me go!”

“I’ll need to upload your consciousness to a secure server for protection but then the nanos are free to wipe your mind clean.”

“No! NNNNNOOOOO!!!” Steve screamed.

While Steve was struggling to free himself, Consuelos put the visor on again; this time however, Steve felt his mind, his very self, be drained from existence.

“NO, PLEASE! STOP THIS PLEASE!!!” Steve screamed.

Consuelos walked over to a work area and filled a needle with nanos. “SB008, please tell me when the mind upload is almost complete. I want Steve to feel some of this pain and have that in his consciousness as well.”

“HELP ME! SOMEBODY! HELP! ME!!!” Steve pleaded.

“Upload is at 79% doctor.” SB008 said.

“Perfect. Tell me when he gets to 80.” Consuelos said, crossing over to Steve.

A second later, SB008 said: “Upload is at 80%.” Consuelos inserted the needle into Steve’s neck. He screamed in agony.


“That was just the first dose Steve. You’ll get the second once the upload is complete.” Consuelos explained.

“Oh God! Oh, God help me it hurts so much!” Steve’s brain was dying out on him and in its place a synthetic one was being created. One that was molded by Consuelos and The Council to be a completely mindless drone at their order. Steve continued to pull at the restraints begging to be let go, screaming and withering in agony.

“Upload is at 99% doctor.”

“For the last time…” Consuelos said, standing over Steve. “What is your name?”

“STEVE BEIL!” Steve shouted at the top of his lungs before screaming and pulling at the straps on his body with every fiber of his being. Testosterone flaring.

“Upload is at 100% doctor.”

Steve continued to fight the restraints and scream in pain but now it was more primal than character. Steve Beil had been wiped from him entirely. Body and mind would never be reconnected. Consuelos removed the visor and then stood over Steve again.

“What is your name?”

“I have none. I was born a slave of The Council. My sole purpose is to serve The Council.” Steve shouted. “But it hurts so much! What’s happening to me master?”

Consuelos got hard. “The pain will end soon slave. Your body needs its second dose of medicine to finish your transformation.”

Consuelos brought a second needle over to Steve.

“Master what will that do to me?”

Consuelos injected him in the neck again. “Your slave body needs to be altered. As a proper slave your bodily functions need to be monitored and controlled. Everything from sweat to hormones need to be controlled.” Consuelos began to remove Steve’s straps.

“What are you doing master? I want to be in the chair. I need to cum and make more clones for The Council.”

Consuelos snickered. “Soon. But first you need to finish your transformation. I’m sorry but it only gets more painful.”

Steve was free and as he stepped down from the chair he stumbled and fell. His muscles weak from not being used for so long but also because his body was just starting to feel an unberable pain.

Steve’s wetsuited body withered around on the floor. “What did you do to me master?! It hurts so much!” He tried to stand but kept falling back down.

“PLEASE MASTER! HELP ME!” Steve began to rip and tear at his Rip Curl wetsuit. Even his booties were being pulled off. He had no time for zippers and regardless of his time in the chair, somehow he had the strength to rip the neoprene suit off. He threw the shreds of his once pristine suit and booties across the room and kneeled on the floor.


“Your body is becoming one with the wetsuit. Your skin is becoming neoprene.”

Steve held up his hand before his face to notice is was becoming a spongy, black material. Thin and flexible like skin but soft and protective like neoprene. He looked at his other hand and saw it had spread all the way to his elbow.

Steve screamed as his shoulders and chest began to be covered. He could feel a tingling in his feet and turned around to see his toes were now neoprene booties with only his big toe separated. Steve looked forward again to see the neoprene had reached his knees. Torso, thighs… soon only his crotch and dick were skin. Steve let out one last yell before it too was covered.

Soon the pain subsided and Steve began to calm down. He remained kneeling on the floor.
“Master?” Steve asked. “What have you done to me?”

“I’ve improved you.” Consuelos said. “Your skin, apart from your beautiful head and face, have been replaced with a new kind of neoprene. Strong and durable like the original materiel but pliable and flexible like human skin. Moreover, all your internal functions are now controlled by the suit: organs, glands, some mental functions, even breathing are controlled by your wetsuit.”

“Thank you master.” Steve replied.

“I’ve been waiting so long for you to say that.” Consuelos replied. “I should take you to The Council immediately. They’ll be excited to see your progress.”

“Yes master.” Steve said and began following Consuelos out of the room. This was the first-time Steve left the lab in months but he didn’t know that. As far as Steve was concerned, he had been born in the lab. There was no Steve Beil, no freedom, or life before The Council. Steve only wanted to serve them as he had finally become the mindless drone The Council always wanted.

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