The Kidnapping

By James.

The Story

Jay was a 19 year old who lived in London and was well into wetsuits but no one knew this as he was too embarrassed to admit it, he had a well hidden collection of suits in his house that he usually enjoys when the house is empty. One day when the house was empty he decided to have a bit of fun he went upstairs and pulled an Orca speedsuit out of his collection and began to pull it up his legs he was already hard just from the smell of neoprene! He thought that he would go for a walk with clothes over his suit.

As Jay left his house he noticed a very long van outside his house he thought nothing of it and carried on down his street, he was getting really turned on from the fact that he was in public with a skin tight wetsuit on he just wished he had someone to share it with.

Just as Jay was approaching the street corner to turn onto the main road he heard a car screech behind him he looked round and saw that it was the van he noticed earlier, it was coming in his direction before he could figure out what was going on the van stopped by the side of him and the side door opened two men also wearing Orcas pulled him in. The two men quickly put a bag over Jays head before he could see them; they began to tear off his clothes exposing his wetsuit.

Jay didn’t know what to think about what was going on he was scared but at the same time turned on because he was in the back of a van with two other guys who were wearing wetsuits. Jay finally got the courage to ask the men what they were going to do to him the one replied we’ll leave it to your imagination but we think you’ll enjoy it, Jay now knew he wasn’t in danger what was happening was good.

The two men removed the bag from Jays head, he looked around the van there was no windows and lights inside also the floor was carpeted, he looked at the two men they were about 20 to 21 and looked great in wetsuits! Jay could feel that the van was still moving and he asked what was going on the men just smiled at him and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs they cuffed his ankles and hands to the floor of the van so Jay was spread out on the floor, he was really turned on now he could feel the sweat in his suit.

One of the men went towards Jay and sat next to him he began to rub his bulge through the suit Jay couldn’t help but let out groans, he was really starting to sweat he could feel the suit slipping around on his body. Suddenly Jay felt come rush into his suit he groaned loudly. The two men smiled. One of the men took the cuffs off Jays hand and told him to sit up he did straight away, Jay heard one of the man say lets make sure you keep this suit on at that he saw him padlock the zip. Jay was now really turned on by the fact that he was trapped in a skin tight Orca wetsuit he couldn’t wait to see what the men were going to do next

Jay heard the driver shout OK the van stopped he asked what was happening the men said time to go home, Jay was sad about this and he said can you remove the padlock and can I have my clothes back the men said soon enough. They un-cuffed him completely and they grabbed him by the wrists and pulled him up they then threw him outside the van and drove off. Jay looked around still wearing a padlocked wetsuit, SHIT! He realised he wasn’t at home he was in the centre of London!! Hundreds of people were staring he was in the middle of London wearing a padlocked skin tight wetsuit not to mention the fact that he had an obvious bulge underneath it! He was really far away from home how was he going to get back?

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