Apr 302018

How much does Wetsuitlads cost to run? That’s question, I get asked a lot…

  • Hosting (main website) –  £7.95 per month = £95.40.
  • Hosting (exclusive area) – free. Web space been giving by a friend.
  • Wetsuitlads.co.uk, domain name – £8.99 every year.
  • Wetsuitlads.net, domain name – £14.99 every year.
  • Wetsuitlads.org, domain name – £14.99 every year.

So total works out at £134.37… But of course that does not include my time or paying for my ISP.

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    Thanks for sharing…I’m trying to get on pay pal to support your fine web site and activities. It is so much fun. My roommate Ben may send the funds for me ….💖 billy.

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    I know it costs a pretty penny, that’s why I donated today, as I like the hard work you do with the free as well as the exclusive area, and I’m liking the new VIP videos you’ve uploaded these past few months.

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    Not cheap @ all then G., well done 4 all the hard work U put in2 making it work & look so professional.:)

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    Handy to know…

    You know how much I appreciate what you do. Can’t thank you enough. x

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