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Off to Scotland for Christmas (I could be wearing a wetsuit)

That’s off up to Scotland for Christmas! When you view this post, I could well be driving wearing a wetsuit! I’ve done at least part of journey wearing just Lycra or a wetsuit many times over the years!!

Story : The Wetsuit Model – Part 2

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one

Aidan sits in the back of the cruiser, his hands uncomfortably handcuffed behind his back and fully clad and locked in his PHI wetsuit. He can feel his sweat and the lube that got him into the suit coating his whole body and running down into his boots. He’s worried about the situation he is in, but also can’t help but feel turned on by the suit. He feels every bump in the road as the cruiser drives through the city and can hear the police chatter and codes over the radio. Finally, he hears the bobby radio in “10-95, I have a PHI awol-no information on the collar, looks like the subject wiped it. Return to the precinct to process?” After a brief pause, he hears an officer on the other end “10-74, negative on that. Return him to PHI processing, let them handle the paperwork” and he ends the communication with a simple “10-4.”

Part 2 is now on-line!

Story : The Wetsuit Model

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one

Aidan is trying to make his way as a male model in London after dropping out of university, certainly not an easy career choice. He’s had a hard time finding work anywhere, so he’s happy for anything that comes his way. He’s attractive and 5’11” and about 12 stone with a slender build, just like mostly everyone else in his field. He works with his friend and agent, James, to try to find new gigs around the city.

Part 1 is now on-line!