A Weekend Away From College – Part Two

By tightjerseyboy.

The Story

The water was just cool enough to keep me slightly sweating. I am not sure how long I was in there for, but it felt like at least an hour. I kept thinking to myself that this was really amazing, and nothing I had ever dreamt could even come close to what I was experiencing. The wonder of what would happen next kept me hard as a rock.
I heard a creak, and a step, and then the sound of the door opening. Aaron could have been one of the most fit guys I had ever met. He stood almost six foot, and had the build of a gym rat.
“Looks like you are cooling down nicely,” Aaron said, “Lets get you out of this shower back into play time”
“Play time?” I thought. What could he mean by that? I was already in a lot of gear. Just as I was thinking however I heard him pick up the keys from where they sat on the counter and watched him undo the stockade. He picked me up to my feet with such force that it wasn’t much of my decision to stand, and lead me out to the Nick’s bedroom. They had put rubber sheets over the bed such that I wouldn’t get it wet, and laid me on top of it. One by one, they secured each of my limbs to one of four corners of the bed, leaving me spread eagle in its center.
“Surprise!” Greg said as I felt his hand grab my jaw and tasted another few drops of cum from my gag entering my mouth. That was only a distraction however. I heard the faint sound of a zipper being undone, and looked down, cum taste still flowing through my mouth, to see them undoing a zipper in the wetsuit over my crotch. They took out my rock hard manhood. I felt a soft rubbery sensation over my erection and saw them using a large pink toy on me. Up and down they would stroke me as I got closer and closer to cumming. Up and down, up and down, up and…
“Stop!” Nick said, “He’s getting close”
“Just a little more,” I thought to myself as I craved that orgasm. I wasn’t going to get it very quickly however. For what seemed like an eternity, they would bring me to the edge and back. I moaned through the cum filled gag but they would not let me explode. Finally, Nick turned to Greg and Aaron and said, “he looks ready, I’ll finish him off.”
He started slowly at first on my still rock hard dick, stroking faster with every cycle, gripping harder and harder until I exploded in a shoot of complete glory and release all over the wetsuit I was in.
“Looks like you liked that too,” Nick responded as I lay there still tied to the bed covered with cum stained wet neoprene. “We will have to make sure you stay like this for the night.”
I didn’t realize it but at the time, it was actually quite late, and at the mention of bed I thought it would be nice to be out of these restraints and into a nice place to sleep for the night. Just then however, I saw Aaron walking into my field of view with a large neoprene sack. It had ropes and places for locks all over it.
“This is where you will be spending the night,” Aaron said to me. On that statement, he took my feet, unshackled them, and placed them one by one into the sleep sack. My arms followed next with all three of them grabbing each arm to ensure I was not going anywhere. Before I knew it I was locked securely in the sack still lying on Nick’s bed.
“Ok guys, feel free to grab couches downstairs, I’m going to spend the night with Brian,” Nick said as he motioned toward the door. When they were out of the room, he closed it, turned down the lights, and came over the bed. He lay down next to me, and playing with my nipples and manhood told me, “You know man; I always suspected you’d like this. That’s why I invited you, although I didn’t suspect you would have released Greg. I am really glad you’re obviously having fun though.” He continued caressing my nipples, chest, and manhood for another few hours until we both finally fell asleep.

To be continued… In part 3.

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  1. My god, why cant college be like this for me? Lol! Maybe one day… Ill be that lucky!

  2. Hey guys, there was a part 3 that I posted. It never made it up here tho. I think it’s still in the forms

    1. Oppps!! I will get around to added that here soon! Thanks so much for reminding me!

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