May 032018

No idea why… but I find cute lads putting helmets on very hot indeed!! Of course, would be better, if Charles Leclerc was in the leathers… not that boring F1 suit!

May 012018

Here is photo of Charles Leclerc wearing a wetsuit! Plus the one, I posted a number of months back… If you can find any more, please do let me know!!

Apr 272018

Want to see some photos of famous lads in wetsuits? Then check out our Wetsuitlads forum.

If you have photos of other hot famous lads, in chastity (in my dreams), leathers, Lycra or wetsuits, then do comment below…

Scott Redding
Greg James
Jesse Spencer

Apr 192017

I know that this is mainly a wetsuit website, but Andrea Locatelli in his leathers is SO HOT!!! I would love to service him!! While, I am locked in a chastity belt of course!!


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