Mar 292020

Look back to 2018, when Kevin come over to do this first photos with us! He will, be back again at some point this year! 🙂

The full set can be found at

Mar 252020

WOW! How was that 2 years ago? Once the world, goes back to more normal… I will try my best to get Danny back and doing more photos! Will make sure, he’s got rubber with him, next time around! 🙂

The full set can be found at

Mar 192020

Since, we will no doubt, start a lockdown here in UK soon, better get outdoors and do pup play photos, while I!

Full set can be found at

Mar 192020

Please, please can you all check out my main YouTube channel, over at

Where you, will get to see many vidoes, including the ones below…

Mar 182020

Thanks so everyone, for all your support with the website over the last number of days! It really does mean the world too me!

Mar 102020

Only just got the Regulation Rubber HogSack and already got the first lad all helpless inside it!

Join our Wetsuitlads exclusive area for just £10 to see the full set! Which will be getting posted in the next number of days, oh and vidoes at the same time

Regulation Custom Rubber Hood

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