New gear: SQUAREPEG Egg

After getting so use to wearing the SQUAREPEG Happy Puppy Tail. Wanted something I could have inside me, while wearing other gear. So ordered the SQUAREPEG Egg, in size small. Which is same size, has the SQUAREPEG Happy Puppy Tail.

So think of myself, having that inside while working on Wetsuitlads! Also some of models, will get to try it out… while wearing Lycra and wetsuits!

3 Replies to “New gear: SQUAREPEG Egg”

  1. Oh that sounds hot!!! Can’t wait for it to arrive and for an update on it!
    Wearing in under a wetsuit… HOT!!!!

  2. Looks very hot , would love to read a review or watch a vid blog while you are enjoying it inside you, love butt plugs , have added a number to my collection of vibrating versions . best yet . keep plugged and geared stud. Hugs from Canada . Ian

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