Aug 062019

I so, so need to save up and get the REGULATION Rubber HogSack! At over £360, it will need to wait a while!

Want to help me get it? Then head over to and give at least £10!

Of course, you will, also be given access to 1000s of extra photos and vidoes at the same time!


May 312019

We got CutePlayToy in the Fetters Shrew’s Fiddle! Go to say, we’ve super pleased with them!

CutePlayToy in the Fetters Shrew’s Fiddle
CutePlayToy in the Fetters Shrew’s Fiddle

May 252019

That’s me gone and ordered the FETTERS Shrew’s Fiddle. Should get it by Tuesday or Wednesday. So just in time for our newest model to try them out!

May 232019

I’ve just ordered these! The question, is who will get to try them out first?!?!?

I am already thinking of Nick doing outdoor photos wearing them, hooded, gagged and blindfolded…

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