Adidas full body suit : VIP area update (25/06/2012)

I have just posted new photos of myself wearing the Adidas full body suit in the exclusive area.

More information about how to join the exclusive area can be found @

New gallery : CB-3000 under gear

Someone said, I should wear my CB-3000 under my cycling gear more often. So here are some photos of me doing just that!

More photos can be found at I will try to add more photos, to this gallery in the coming weeks…

DIY dildos- 14 kinds of homemade dildos, from beginner to advanced

DIY dildos- 14 kinds of homemade dildos, from beginner to advanced
Homemade sex toys safety 101!
There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you put household items into your body. Every makeshift dildo is different, but here are some homemade sex toy safety tips that apply to most DIY sex toys.

Use a condom!
Nine times out of ten, you need to use a condom with a homemade sex toy. The only materials that are safe to put inside are things like medical-grade silicone, ABS plastic, borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Even if you are using items made from these materials, they must be thoroughly sterilized before going inside.

las, put a condom on your makeshift toy to make sure you don’t get any nasty infections or injuries. Condoms act as a human safety barrier between you and the DIY strap on dildo, and many are already pre-lubricated or pre-stimulated for your pleasure.

What are dildos made of? Most high-quality sex toys are made from materials that are safe for your body, such as silicone and ABS plastic. However, many cheap dildos are made of inferior materials, such as PVC and Jelly Rubber, which can cause infections. The Dangerous Lilly’s Guide to Toxic Toys provides more information.

Make sure it doesn’t break
Do not use anything that breaks, snaps or shatters easily. For example, you may have heard of glass sex toys, but glass toys are made of tempered, drop-proof glass – a regular old glass bottle or nonpareil will not have the same stability and can easily break inside.
Likewise, items made of wood can break and/or shatter, and fruits and vegetables can break in half if overused. Make sure you don’t cause harm to your homemade sex toys

Don’t lose it inside you!
When I was a teenager, I put my phone on vibrate, put it inside a condom, and used it as an anal dildo toy ( Anal toy webiste: (when the phone looked more like this). I accidentally slid the phone into my rectum and had my hips closed, trapping the phone inside. I have never had a heart attack like this! I thought my parents would take my phone and put me in the hospital. Jesus.

Fortunately, I managed to grab the end of the condom and carefully loosen the anus while pulling the phone out of me again-but it was very intimate! Be very careful to avoid temporary toys that could get lost inside – very important if you are looking for a homemade anal dildo. Don’t make the same mistakes I did!
If you want to make a homemade anal dildo, you will need to make something with a flared mouth to avoid accidentally slipping inside you. The best anal dildos have flared bases or are too long (about 14+ inches) to get to the bottom of your card inside.

14 easy homemade dildos made from household items
DIY sex toys
1. Cucumber
You may be thinking “Is it safe to put cucumbers in your cucumber?” . Generally speaking, it’s okay to put a (ripe) cucumber inside your vagina, as long as it’s covered by a condom and has a smooth surface. If you want to try anal cucumber play, make sure the cucumber is long and can’t slip inside you-always leaving enough distance outside your body.
The cucumber essentially acts like a large, thick dildo.

2. Bananas
Bananas make great homemade sex toys because they can be used by either gender. Men can use banana peels as homemade vaginas, while women can use full, ripe bananas as homemade dildos. Just be sure to cover it with a condom, use plenty of lube, and don’t insert the end that gets stuck on the branch.

3. Chicken legs
If you happen to like playing the drums, drumsticks can be made into small dildos. They are skinny, have tapered ends, and are usually very strong. You can cover wooden drumsticks with condoms to prevent them from breaking, although sometimes you can get hard plastic drumsticks that can be cleaned.
If you want a real sex toy but can’t afford it, did you know you can buy used sex toys online? Sub-entities such as r / UsedSexToys allow users to sell/purchase certain used sex toys that are made of human-safe materials and can be sanitized.

4. Electric toothbrushes
Looking for a DIY vibrator? Try cleaning the electric toothbrush handle and then pressing the vibrating base against the clitoris for great clitoral pleasure. You can also try covering the base with a condom and then inserting it into your vagina while the toothbrush is open to create a homemade vibrator.

5. Carrots
Carrots are another dildo food that is obviously a good choice due to their stiffness, length and natural tapered shape. Again, just make sure they are smooth, covered and easy to hold. The average size of a carrot is about 6 inches, so they are just right for replicating a real penis.

6. Makeup brush handles
Do you have a hard plastic powder brush with one of those thick plastic handles? Try cleaning the handle and putting it inside you. Just make sure it’s completely clean – we won’t leave you with smoky eyes on your genitals.

7. Shower head
Okay, it’s not a “dildo,” but the removable shower head makes for a great DIY vibrator, especially if you live in an area with moderate water pressure. Before you play, make sure the temperature is good and not too hot or cold, and make sure no one has to start washing dishes downstairs!
If you prefer to take a shower, the WaterSlyde Water Diverter is a very inexpensive sex toy that transfers tap water to your pussy to create a similarly pleasurable effect.

8. Corn on the cob
Just cover it with a condom and the large kernels of corn on the cob can make up a very interesting and brief dildo, with all those corn knobs producing very unique and intense sensations inside you. You can even buy corn on the cob dildos on Etsy as well as from certain Amazon sellers and sex stores.

9. Shampoo bottles
If you have a relatively long and narrow shampoo or conditioner bottle, you can use it as a DIY dildo by simply covering it with a condom. The fit will vary from bottle to bottle, so pinch a little salt. Good luck getting one of these deep inside you.

10. Back massager
You can get a lot of generic back massagers and body massagers that are designed to relieve tension and muscle soreness throughout the day. But many of them also make excellent DIY vibrators.

The famous Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator originally started out as a back massager and was later renamed a vibrator.

11. Smartphone applications
It’s the 2020s, so it’s safe to say you own a smartphone. Well, there are apps such as the Massager Vibration App which allows your phone to be used as a vibrator, providing you with a variety of vibration settings for clitoral pleasure. I don’t recommend that you put your phone inside you, but clitoral stimulation is unreal.

Orgasmic? There is an app for that.

12. Comb Handle
There’s a good reason so many girls who use dildos started using comb handles when they were teenagers! They are long, thin, and usually made of plastic that you can easily slip over a condom. Make sure the shape and size is right for you, and be extra careful if the hairbrush is made of wood.

13. Video game controller
If you happen to be a gamer (and you’re not a member of PC Master Race), your PS4 or Xbox controller can make a handy little external vibrator when playing games or testing vibration settings.

Maybe shoot a lot of machine guns in a first-person shooter while holding the controller close to your clit. You could be a virtual Xenia Onatopp!

14. Toothbrush handle
Looking for a beginner’s toy that isn’t too big or intimidating? Put a condom on the end of a toothbrush handle and insert it into your vagina for some dildo play. Obviously, you may want to avoid bristles.

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