Gordon : Chastity Belt under Adidas full body suit

You would not believe just how turned on I was in this photo. Since I was locked in the chastity belt, which was keeping my dick forced between my legs, inside the tube preventing me from getting a full hard-on.

Chastity Belt under Adidas full body suitChastity Belt under Adidas full body suit

More photos from this set can be found in the chastity belt exclusive area.

3 Replies to “Gordon : Chastity Belt under Adidas full body suit”

  1. You hardly notice what you are wearing under the suit. I hope you find a comfortable fit with the device and are able to start your challenge. When you get time, perhaps you can add some pics of the device by itself, showing the front lock and tube.

    You’re an inspiration to us all! Go You!

  2. Holy crap Gordon, You are any man’s wet dream. That suit covering your awesome body is amazing! The new hair cut is sexy as help and the backwards cap and facial hair just wow! The chastity belt barely shows but makes it all the better! Like I said your any man’s wet dream!

  3. I agree with Blond Gubby, the CB hardly shows through that lycra suit, so if you didn’t mention the fact that you were wearing and partially aroused, we wouldn’t have known.
    But another great preview photo.

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